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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Storage classes in C

The scope and behavior of the variable depends on the type of storage class which is being used.  There are four types of storage classes available in C language.  They are as follows

     1. auto storage class
     2. static storage class
     3. extern storage class
     4. register storage class

auto variables:
Local variables in a function are auto variables.  Auto variables are active inside the block in which they are declared.

register variables:
Frequently used variables are declared as registers.  These register variables are stored in CPU registers for fast access.  This reduces the execution time of the program.

static variables:
Static variables retain their old values even after the execution of function or block is over.

extern variables:
Usually, extern variables are global variables and they are visible to all functions in one or more files.

Let us see more details on the above topics in the forthcoming tutorials.

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