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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Operator precedence and associativity in C language

Below is the table for operator precedence and associativity in C programming language.
[ ]
( )
++ --
Array subscript
Function Call
Structure reference
Structure dereference
Postfix increment/Postfix decrement

Left to right
++ --
+ -
! ~
*  &
Prefix increment/Prefix decrement
Unary plus/Unary minus
Logical negation/One's complement
Typecast operator
Pointer dereference/Address of
Size of type/variable in bytes

Right to left
*  /  % Multiplication/Division/Modulo Left to Right
+ - Addition/Subtraction Left to Right
<<   >> Bitwise left shift/ Bitwise right shift Left to Right
<    >
Comparison less than/Comparision greater than
Comparison less than or equal to
Comparison greater than or equal to

Left to Right
==   != Comparison equal to/Comparison not equal to Left to Right
& Bitwise AND Left to Right
^ Bitwise XOR Left to Right
| Bitwise OR Left to Right
&& Logical AND Left to Right
|| Logical OR Left to Right
?: Ternary Conditional Operator Right to Left
*=    /=   %=
+=    -=
<<=   >>=
&=    ^=
Assignment Operator
Mulplication/division/modulo assignment
Addition/Subtraction assignment
Bitwise left shift/right shift assignment
Bitwise AND/XOR assignment
Bitwise OR assignment

Right to Left
, Comma Operator Left to Right


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